We are a group of people who made their love for zynga poker a job!.

Zynga poker is our passion

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  • How to be a zynga poker professional player

    Have you ever thought being a zynga poker professional player and living buy that? I guess maybe it would be lovely to get paid for your earnings on poker.

    Well i have six tips so you can start making an income

    a) Study a lot on poker odds, strategy, emotional part and anything you can imagine

    In order to make money you need to know what you are doing! Yes sure you have a lot of experience but things are not just luck! Try to study and memmorize, even when you think you've learned a lot try to find something more to study

    b) Start to win and prove to yourself it is worth

    You need to win first and start making some real money before you quit your job. Convince yourself you can win, you are not a loser you are a winner. Do not quit easilly maybe you do not understand something go search what is missing and find it

    c) You need to stay focused for many hours

    Poker is not an easy job, you need to stay a lot of hours awake and give the best you have. Even if you do not win you must stay there winback the chips you lost. The best players do not play for 1-2hours and then go outside to live their life with the easy money they made

    d) Try the professional approach for some time

    Do not quit your job but on holidays you can try what you could make on poker tables.

    e) Buy a big ammount to start and try to make it big enought

    You need to start with lot of chips but you must make them so many you cannot lose them for days

    f) act professionally

  • Zynga poker chips for sale

    On our website you will find some of the cheapest chips for zynga poker on the market! It is true that we exist long time here and we will continue as we can offer unbeatable prices and good live support!

    We assure you that our methods of transfering zynga chips are completelly safe. Customers always asks us about disabling and banning. We managed to keep our customers happy by avoiding those risks. How? ask us on live help as we are online most of the working hours of the day.

    We also offer bonus on zynga chips with payments like neteller and bitcoin (10% more chips)

    Isn't that enought for you? Ok then try us and you will see its more like being friends than having a customer-seller relationship!

  • How to see empty tables on zynga poker

    Now there is a new way to see empty tables in zynga poker, all you need is a program to install on windows pc (it is a paid version). This way zynga poker returns to its old version and you can see the server list on the lobby and all the empty tables on the server.

    We have that program (we do not develop it) which is not completelly free, but instead you can have it for a small amount paid every month.

    If you need this program feel free to speak us on live help in order to buy and install it.

    It is completelly safe and easy to use it.

    We also offer the best prices of the market for zynga poker chips with special offers on payment with neteller and bitcoin, do not hesitate to speak with us!

  • Helping Hands on Zynga Poker

    Many zynga poker players do not understad why they take less zynga poker chips when they win.
    The correct answer is HELPING HANDS!

    What is helping hands on zynga poker?
    A way zynga can collect chips from you.

    Where can i see that?
    On top of table.

    What helping hands on zynga poker do?
    With helping hands zynga collects 15% of winning zynga poker chips.

    How to disable it?
    Just go on a table and turn it off(like on picture)
  • Zynga Poker Security Alert

    If you see this message "zynga poker security alert"after opening texas holdem poker on facebook, that means you tried to acess zynga poker from a different country(maybe you maybe someone else...).

    You should go to your email and check your inbox messages.

    On your inbox you will see an email from zynga texas holdem poker, open it

    If you entered from this country then click on "authorize play from [country]"

    If you didnt, click on "do not authorize" and change your facebook password
  • How to get free chips on zynga poker?

    There are some easy ways to get some free extra facebook zynga texas holdem poker chips!

    You will need first to log in to your zynga poker account on facebook.

    On left side you will see the lucky bonus!

    You can also get zynga chips from achievements. Just click on your profile to claim them!

    Earn collectibles at the table or ask them from a friend to get some extra chips and xp level. You will find them on profile under tab collections.

    Tell your friends send you facebook chips and collect them!

    Play hi-lo on table

    Finally you can play poker genius if are completelly out of chips

  • How to delete poker buddies on zynga poker

    In order to delete texas holdem poker buddies (not friends on facebook) on zynga poker you must follow the following steps.

    1) click on profile inside zynga poker lobby, this way you will see you profile.

    2) Next to your name there is a button [Show Buddies] Click it.

    3) Then select a friend and mouse over to who you are willing to delete, click him and then click ok.

    Thats it you are no longer friends at zynga poker. Remeber you can't delete this way a facebook friend.